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    Jumbo Rewinding Machine


    This Machine is very important for the waterjet looms owner.

    The machine adopt single-spindle driving DC Motor, each spindle running separately with step-less speed adjustable function and installed the length counter, the spindle can auto stop according to any demand to take-up length. Combine the digital controlling of traverse, it can adjust yarn guider’s traverse gauge easily to anti-ribboning for different counts of yarn. The machine achieve the Energy Saving, Efficient running way. It’s a perfect machine for rewinding the weft yarns for the next process using like Rapier Loom, Water Jet Looms, Air Jet Looms

    Technical Parameter

    Spindle  No. 48 spindles( 4 spindles/group) can adjusted according to demand
    Winding speed 700 meter/min
    Take-Up Capacity A: 5Kg B: 3Kg
    Bobbin Size A: Ɵ 300 x L 330mm B: Ɵ 220 x L 240mm
    Driving system Each Spindle With DC motor
    Motor Consume 20-40W/ spindle
    Traverse Device Digital control
    Machine Size L 15600 X W 1200 X H 1600mm (for 48 spindle)